Asian Transactions on Basic & Applied Sciences

Volume: 03, Issue: 03, July 2013
ISSN 2221-4291

Title: Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization of Some Building, Ornamental and Industrial Raw Materials of Wadi Girshah-Gabal Ablah Area, Western Arabian Shield, Saudi Arabia.
Author(s): Asaad M.B. Moufti
Paper ID: ATBAS-70304037
Pages: 1 - 19
Abstract: The present study deals with the field, meg-and microscopic as well geochemical characterization of the different building, ornamental and industrial raw materials in wadi Girshah-Gabal Ablah area. The results of the study revealed the presence of marbles, silicicfied carbonates and red fine crystalline granites/ rhyolite by large reserves and good engineering characters suitable for ornamental purposes. The marbilized silicified carbonates are interbedded with yellow dolostones. These silicified stromatolitic carbonates are in some cased present as very thick and homogenous characters which increase its engineering suitability for ornamental purposes. The red rhyolite/fine granite of wadi Girshah area is thickly bedded and less fractured and can be extracted as large blocks for facing and ornamentation purposes. The epidotitized volcanic of wadi Al Roaian area are thickly bedded and can be extracted for ornamental purposes. The barite and fluorite are only represented by small amounts in Gabal Ablah area and they area actually extracted and now explored by Ma'aden Company. The studied building, ornamental and industrial raw materials need further tests and measurements of their engineering properties.

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