Asian Transactions on Basic & Applied Sciences

Volume: 05, Issue: 02, April 2015
ISSN 2221-4291

Title: Using Modified S-Curve Membership Function in the Development and Construction of Control Charts
Author(s): Suzan S. Haydar
Paper ID: ATBAS-15080237
Pages: 1 - 6
Abstract: Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a technical tool that is used to control and to improve almost any kind of process. In order to develop approaches to construct a fuzzy Quality Control, it is necessary to study first the formulation of membership functions and then the methodology for applying the solution to real life problems. A modified S-curve membership function is proposed in this paper is useful tool to handle and deal with uncertain or vague information. It is important to note that the modified S-curve membership function has to be flexible to describe the fuzziness in the problem. Fuzziness may occur in several levels of an industrial production management. In order to show that the modified S-curve membership function works well for fuzzy problems, a numerical example is demonstrated through a real illustrative data from Sulaimani Company for the production of cement in the city of sulaimani-Iraq to present of result of implementing this technique and its effects in improving the production process, after we take two important factories, first factor level of satisfaction, and take (21) level between (0.001-0.999) in extra equal to (0.0499) and the second factor, fuzzy factor between (1-40) in extra (2) which the researcher determined it, shows the designing of fuzzy control chart for process average of variable quality. The result obtained from this paper is to provide confidence in using the proposed modified S-curve membership function in a real life production planning industrial problem.

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Title: Methodical Tools Of The Assessment Of Economic Efficiency Of Investments Into Improvement Of Investment Climate Of The Territory
Author(s): Yakushev A.J., Filin S.A., Ibraimova S.S., Ahelova A.L., Yesbolova A.Y.
Paper ID: ATBAS-15090251
Pages: 7 - 13
Abstract: The purpose of an article is to offer methodical tools for an assessment of economic efficiency of investments into improvement of investment climate of the territory. The tasks solved in the article consist in detection of dependence of economic efficiency of investments into improvement of investment climate on a gain of the budgetary efficiency of the territory and profit of the investor. In the article it is used methods of formalization, analogy, logical re-search, the analysis and synthesis. Novelties of article are the methodical tools for an assess-ment of economic efficiency of investments into improvement of investment climate of the territory. In article are analyzed the terminology used for the description of the concept "investment climate". Possibilities of the investor to adapt for these or those aspects of the category "investment climate" are the basis for consideration. Such approach will allow improving conditions of decision-making by the investor on investment into parts of the aspects determined by the factors referred to investment climate owing to more exact assessment of economic efficiency of costs of formation of investment climate and its improvement from administrations of territories. Use of offers will allow, on the one hand, the administrations of territories and institutes exercising control of investment climate to allocate more reasonably investments into these processes, with another- to prove investment expenses in overcoming of adverse aspects of investment climate.

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