Asian Transactions on Basic & Applied Sciences

Volume: 05, Issue: 03, June 2015
ISSN 2221-4291

Title: Using Some Non Parametric Test to Find Relationship Between Smoking and Lung Cancer and Use Cohen's Kappa for Agreement
Author(s): Sara Noori Mohammad
Paper ID: ATBAS-15020371
Pages: 1 - 4
Abstract: Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in the sulaimany city; this position paper summarizes the overwhelming evidence that smoking is the cause of deaths from Cancer. Lung cancer currently ranks as the leading cause of cancer related deaths in men and women. The aim of study is to investigate the application of some type of test with random sample contain 300 patients (In this research using Lung Cancer as a diseased and smoker as it cause at Hiwa hospital, in Sulaimany city of Iraq): by using SPSS program to Knowing the relationship between diseased and it cause by using two different test is chi square and mcnemar test, and finding the value of the relation between them by using kappa coefficient.

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Title: Study The Staibilty Of Monochloramine
Author(s): Sattar Salim Ibrahim
Paper ID: ATBAS-15150271
Pages: 5 - 10
Abstract: In preparation of Hydrazine or any of its derivatives by Raschig method, it was found that its intermediate is called monochloramine (NH2Cl). It was noted that the stability of this material has high effect on the amount of formation of hydrazine or its derivatives. It was found also that there are several factors that affect its formation, and stability. The optimum conditions were appointed for the reaction performing and verifying the best amount of hydrazine or one of its derivatives when being preparing one of these materials.

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