Asian Transactions on Basic & Applied Sciences

Volume: 05, Issue: 04, August 2015
ISSN 2221-4291

Title: Modeling of HDI and PQLI in East Java (Indonesia) Using Biresponse Semiparametric Regression with Fourier Series Approach
Author(s): I Nyoman Budiantara, Ismaini Zain, Wahyu Wibowo, Vita Ratnasari, 1Madu Ratna, M. Fariz Fadillah Mardianto
Paper ID: ATBAS-15080437
Pages: 1 - 7
Abstract: Human development is used to determine the level of regional welfare. There are Human Development Index (HDI) and Physical Quality of Life Index (PQLI), two of human development indicators in the world. Indonesia uses HDI to measure a human development. On the other side there is PQLI which is used to measure human development. This index can be applied in a region that have low per capita spending and is used as a benchmark measure of human development other than the HDI. In this study, the HDI and PQLI in East Java are modeled with related predictors of health, education, income, consumption, employment, and poverty. This province is interesting to study because there is a gap for HDI in every district, and HDI in East Java continued to increase even close to HDI for Indonesia. Biresponse semiparametric regression model with Fourier series approach for HDI and PQLI in East Java consists of 3 oscillation parameters. The model has a minimum GCV = 753 586, MSE = 3.052 and R2 = 91.98%. The model includes parametric predictor variables health index, education index, GDP and PPP index. Nonparametric predictor variables of the model are LFPR, and Percentage of Poverty. This model can be used as a prediction to make policy in East Java in terms of human development strategies and increase welfare.

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Title: Chemical Content And Composition Of Abu -Aljeer Asphalt A Novel Investigated By N.M.R
Author(s): Tariq Abdul Jalil Mandeel
Paper ID: ATBAS-15010477
Pages: 8 - 18
Abstract: In this paper, the chemical components of fractionated parts and chemical properties of natural asphalt (abo-aljeer/1raq) were evaluated through using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance H1NMR and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer FT-IR. The current study included two stages The first: was the separation of asphalt components by column chromatography using a stationary multi-phases (alumina, Silica gel, Bauxite, Attapulgite ).The results of separation were 10.20% of Asphltene, 89.18% of Maltene which lately separated to (Paraffinic 42.30%, Aromatic 27.13%, Resin 20.1%). The second was the Spectroscopic study, In order to identify the nature of chemical structure of each part. In abu-aljeer asphalt results show 52.86% Hmy, ,28.41% Hme 6.65% Hn, 7.09% H?, 4.89%Ha, and asphalt fractions has been investigated by infrared techniques, Infrared frequency shifts data gave an formation about functional groups in as response asphalt for the components, that novel results. This study also clarified paraffin compounds which represent the major component in abu - aljeer asphalt and low content of Aromatic, because of the aromatic rings was substituted by a long paraffinic chains that containing carboxylic and hydroxilic groups.

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Title: Effects of promoters on the properties of Ni-based catalyst: Comparison between Co and Nb promoters
Author(s): Noor Asmawati Mohd Zabidi, Erny Azwin Yahaya, Zahra Gholami
Paper ID: ATBAS-15130463
Pages: 19 - 23
Abstract: Nickel-based catalysts were prepared by wet impregnation method and promoted with Co and Nb. The prepared catalysts were characterized by N2 adsorption-desorption, H2-temperature-programmed reduction, X-ray diffraction (XRD), FESEM and HRTEM. The Co and Nb promoters increased the surface area of the synthesized catalyst, improved the reducibilty and changed the morphologies of the catalysts. The performance of synthesized catalysts in CO2 reforming of methane was tested in a fixed-bed microreactor at atmospheric pressure, feed gas (CH4/CO2) ratio of 1 and temperature of 850 oC. The Nb-promoted Ni/Al2O3 catalyst exhibits higher catalytic activity compared to that of Co-promoted Ni/Al2O3 catalyst.

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