Asian Transactions on Computers

Volume: 01, Issue: 03, June 2011
ISSN 2221-4275

Title: I-SolFramework Views on ISO 27001.
Information Security Management System: Refinement Integrated Solution’s Six Domains

Authors: Heru Susanto, Mohammad Nabil Almunawar, Wahyudin P Syam, Yong Chee Tuan, and Saad Hajj Bakry
Paper ID: ATC-30118034
Pages: 1-10
Abstract: Managing information security should be considered as a focal concern in safeguarding information resource in organizations where Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is heavily used. It is imperative for organizations to use Information Security Management System (ISMS) to effectively manage their information assets. ISMS start with a set of policies that dictate the usage of computer resources. It starts with the “21 essential security controls” of ISO 27001, which give the basic standard requirements of information security management. Our research is concerned with the refinement, assessment and measurement of the application of these controls to organizations. I-SolFramework methodologies were used to integrated domains as a framework for this assessment. The controls are mapped on these domains and subsequently refined into “246 simple and easily comprehended elements”. These elements are subject to be reviewed and validated by specialized persons working on the field.

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