Asian Transactions on Computers

Volume: 02, Issue: 02, July 2012
ISSN 2221-4275

Title: Reviewing a Derivation of the Essential and Fundamental Matrices Based on Homogeneous Coordinates
Author: Tayeb BASTA
Paper ID: ATC-40215025
Pages: 1 - 7
Abstract: The objective of most stereo vision work has been to extract the 3D shape of a world scene from two of its images which have been captured from two different standpoints. One of the major challenges in computer vision has been the elaboration of methods, which do not depend on scene structure, to compute the relationship between pairs of corresponding points from the two images. The development of the essential matrix and its optimization to the fundamental matrix were two landmarks in the solution of this problem. This paper reviews one of the methods proposed to derive the essential and fundamental matrices. Such a method is based on the theory of a homogeneous point lying on a line that lies on two other points.

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Title: Simple Scheduling Algorithm with Load Balancing for Grid Computing
Author: Fahd Alharbi
Paper ID: ATC-70214028
Pages: 8 - 15
Abstract: Grid computing provides the means of using and sharing heterogeneous resources that are geographically distributed to solve complex scientific or technical problems. Task scheduling is critical to achieving high performance on grid computing environment. The objective of the scheduling process is to map each task with specific requirements to a capable machine in order to minimize the makespan. Task scheduling is shown to be NP-complete problem, which can be solved using heuristic algorithms. Several heuristic algorithms have been proposed in the literature and they are either not efficient or complex. In this paper, we are proposing a Simple Scheduling Algorithm with Load Balancing (SSALB), which minimizes the makespan and balances the load with a low computational complexity.

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