Asian Transactions on Engineering

Volume: 02, Issue: 02, May 2012
ISSN 2221-4267

Title: Using Inexpensive Home Alarm for Computer Based Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
Author: Mohammed Abdullah Hussein
Paper ID: ATE-60205027
Pages: 1 - 6
Abstract: The current increase of air pollution rates and its consequences of global warming, health problems and threats to human lives necessitate the continuous search for more efficient and cost effective gas monitoring devices. Devices that is easily available and implementable worldwide. In developing countries the cost and the availability of the equipment is one of the obstacles that contribute to not having an efficient monitoring system. Hence, modifying cheap and easily available devices to work as pollution monitoring system will be an asset in this direction. In this work I am presenting the design of a computer based pollution detection and measuring system using cheap CO (Carbon Monoxide) alarms used in homes. The outcome is a cost-effective computer based CO monitoring system that is easily available and could be easily modified to work as a network based CO nose. A C# based program is also designed to show and log the sensor readings in an easy to use and read Window.

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Title: Finite Element Investigation of Stress Concentration Factor in the Concrete Wall with Openings
Authors: Feirusha S. H. (Kakshar), Soran T. H. R.
Paper ID: ATE-30207024
Pages: 7 -18
Abstract: Widely known, that stress concentration in the building elements is a major factor influencing on the design and concequency on the cost. So objective of this paper is to investigate the stress concentration phenomen in the concrete wall. For this reason we decided to study the stress concentration factor in the concrete wall, working in condition of plane stress under vertical load, distributed along above edge. In order to achieve this goal, elastic stress state of concrete walls with variety type of openings was modeled by finite element methodand analyzed by using COMSOL program.

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Authors: Madbuli H. Noweir, Ibrahim M. Jomaah, and Abdullah O. Bafail
Paper ID: ATE-70211028
Pages: 18- 25
Abstract: Noise presents health and social problems in industrial operations, and is mainly related to machinery used in the industries. The present study was conducted in the different utilities industries in Jeddah Industrial Estate (JIE), in order to assess the magnitude of the problem of industrial noise exposure there in an endeavor to propose remedial controls to the problem. Noise was measured in a random sample of 28 factories, representing 6 activities, at different day times. Results indicated that the noise levels vary, mostly, according to the type of industry and the size of the enterprise and the type and the number of the machinery used. The highest noise exposures exist in the cables, the concrete and the construction supplies, and the glass industries where, mostly, all the recorded dB(A) measurements (Leq, Max SPL and Min SPL) are higher than 85 dB(A), while the lowest exposures exist in the food processing and the dairy products and beverages industries, where all the average Leq dB(A) measurements are lower than 85 dB(A). It has been concluded that such noise pollution can present health problems to the workers, a situation which calls for a rapid planning of strategies for noise control and hearing conservation programs including:

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