Asian Transactions on Engineering

Volume: 05, Issue: 04, August 2015
ISSN 2221-4267

Title: Design of Automation Control Condensing Unit to Improve Ice Cube Products Using Microcontroller
Author(s): Harjono Priyo S., Ant. Ardath Kristi, Bambang Susanto, Agus Risdiyanto, Kristian Ismail
Paper ID: ATE-15120481
Pages: 1 - 6
Abstract: The production process of ice cube is highly determined by performance of the condensing unit. The condensing unit acts as temperature regulator of the brine according to the specified temperature range. The problems are how to stabilize the brine temperature, and how to reduce the refrigerant pressure at the outlet in order to avoid failure due to high starting current when the compressor motor start up. During the ice producing process starting current can drain a lot of electrical energy, because the compressors having on-off several times. This paper presents the design of an automation control for the condensing unit at an ice factory based microcontroller applications. The control unit regulates the working cooling water pump, condenser fan motor, unscrew the valve of the refrigerant pressure and the running of compressor motor in the sequence to maintain the brine temperature in range -6 °C to -15 °C. Input readings based on brine temperature and refrigerant pressure, and the main component of the controller is programmed Arduino Servarino board using C-programming language. The results of testing the control systems shows that temperature control of the brine can be setting the range of -6 °C and -15 °C with error rate of 2.41% to 4,74%. Refrigerant pressure at the start of the operation can be reduced automatically to 120 psi to start the compressor with lower starting current. The time duration of the decrease in pressure of 200 psi to 120 psi is approximately 67 seconds. By applying this system, the saving energy during starting is about 78.72%.

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