Asian Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communication & Multimedia

Volume: 01, Issue: 03, June 2011
ISSN 2221-4305

Title: Analysis of Channel Capacity Stability in 4-Element Compact MIMO Systems
Authors: Yueheng Li, Cheng Cheng, Meiyan Ju , and Guoping Tan
Paper ID: ATFECM-70116038
Pages: 1-6
Abstract: The antenna radiation pattern of 4-element compact MIMO systems will distort when mutual coupling among array elements is considered. This pattern distortion will change the spatial correlation characteristics of the received signals and have a deep impact on the final channel capacity when the mean angle of arrival (AoA) of the incident waves varies. In this paper, both 3-dimensional channel matrix eigenvalue probability distribution and a newly proposed generalized condition number (GCN) are used to analyze the capacity stability of 4-element compact MIMO systems. Theoretical analysis and numerical simulations show that comparing with traditional 4-element linear array, 4-element square array with spatially symmetric structure is much lesser sensitive to the angle of incidence, indicating that the square array can maintain a more stable channel capacity.

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Title: A Fuzzy Model for Slip Control in Rail Transportation Systems
Authors: E. Nabizadeh, S. Javadi, and R. Sabbaghi-Nadooshan
Paper ID: ATFECM-40127035
Pages: 7-12
Abstract: In railway vehicles, friction decrease between wheel and rail leads to slip rise and thus to wheel and rail damage and tractive effort are decreased. That is why employing an appropriate slip control method seems to be essential. In the paper, a slip control system has been offered through the fuzzy logic and the results obtained have been tested on the dynamic model of a typical locomotive. Finally, the output results from the controller have been compared with PI controller.

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Title: Security Analysis of Mobile Banking Services in Pakistan
Authors: Aqeel Feroze, Asma Basharat
Paper ID: ATFECM-50128036
Pages: 13-17
Abstract: Owing to huge success of mobile telecom in the world and especially in Pakistan, the new business avenues like branchless banking and mobile money transfers are offering lot of opportunities. This paper will introduce latest method used for transfer of money in Pakistan along with security analysis of two major branch less banking services as both of these services are using SMS massaging system of GSM as basic instrument to carry out their transactions. Comparison of currently available mobile banking and money transfer services is also presented in tabular form.

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