Asian Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communication & Multimedia

Volume: 01, Issue: 06, January 2012
ISSN 2221-4305

Title: Creation of 3D Human Avatar using Kinect
Authors: Kairat Aitpayev, Jaafar Gaber
Paper ID: ATFECM-30120064
Pages: 1 - 3
Abstract: While the number of web and desktop 3D applications continue to increase, users would like to create their own 3D avatars which will look exactly like them. The Kinect[1] can help to users to reach this goal; after scanning human by Kinect’s depth and RGB cameras it is possible to create almost the same 3D model including human faces and hairstyles that can be used for several algorithm in education, medicine, conferences, game industry, 3D social networks, etc.

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