Asian Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communication & Multimedia

Volume: 02, Issue: 02, May 2012
ISSN 2221-4305

Title: Optimal Call Admission Control Solution with Normalized Multimedia QoS
Author: Zhiwei Yan
Paper ID: ATFECM-40216025
Pages: 1 - 7
Abstract: Communication networks should provide the application-specific quality of service (QoS) from the view of users. Besides the physical layer improvements for QoS, Call Admission Control (CAC) in media access layer can enforce policy-based QoS, such as giving differentiated services to users based on the network conditions. In this paper, we proposed a normalized QoS metric for multimedia traffic. The metric can evaluate the quality of application for users according to the media type and its allocated resource. Our proposed CAC scheme using the metric can efficiently allocate wireless network bandwidth to users or connections. If a network is loaded with heavy traffic, it is proven that there is an optimum solution of allocated bandwidth of the connections under the CAC scheme. It maximizes the total QoS utility of a base station (BS) while maintaining the required QoS level of connections. Finally, we evaluate the performance of the scheme through the simulation experiments. The simulation results show the scheme can achieve better tradeoff between resource utilization and the QoS level of connections.

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