Asian Transactions on Science & Technology

Volume: 02, Issue: 05, November 2012
ISSN 2221-4283

Title: Estimation of Polonium-210 Concentration in Smokers and Nonsmokers' Teeth in East Java, Indonesia
Author(s): Yully Endang Hernani Murtiwardhani, Vivien Dwi Indriyani, and Johan Andoyo Effendi Noor
Paper ID: ATST-30209056
Pages: 1 - 4
Abstract: Indonesia is one of countries with biggest smoker population in the world. In addition to tar and nicotine, tobacco also contains radioactive Polonium-210 (Po-210) which is very dangerous for the health of smokers. Po-210 in cigarettes comes from the air and phosphate fertilizer often used by tobacco farmers to cultivate tobacco plants. The danger of Po-210 is from emission of alpha particles as it decays into a stable lead (Pb-206). Analysis of the concentration and activity of Po-210 was carried out by taking the crust teeth and expose them to nuclear trace detector CR-39. The measurement results show that the Po-210 activity in the smokers' teeth ranged from 1.54 × 10-3 Bq to 13.85 × 10-3 Bq with an average activity of 6.09 × 10-3 Bq. Calculation of Po-210 activity gave a value equals to 1.29 × 10-3 Bq per cigarette per day.

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