Asian Transactions on Science & Technology

Volume: 03, Issue: 01, March 2013
ISSN 2221-4283

Title: Screening of Potential Photosynthetic Microalgae from Wastewater Treatment Plant for Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS)
Author(s): Astri Rinanti, Edwan Kardena, Dea Indriani Astuti, Kania Dewi
Paper ID: ATST-60302013
Pages: 1 - 8
Abstract: The work has been carried out to obtain the potential microalgae which have capability of photosynthesis. The algae can be used as a Microbial Carbon Capture and Storage (MCCS) agent in the form of constructed consortium. Screening for obtaining constructed consortium divided into two stages. The first stage was finding out dominant microalgae with highest cell density. The second stage was selecting for each genus based on their capability to grow together in the same artificial medium, the specific growth rate, CO2 removal ability and also similarity of physiological requirements. The results demonstrated that Chlorella sp. genus, Scenedesmus sp. and Ankistrodemus sp., have a potential capability as MCCS agents. Those three genus could grew well together in a static culture using an artificial growth medium Provasoli for Haematococcus Media (PHM), at room temperature of (26±1)°C, pH (7. 34+0. 23), aeration rate of 80 ml/minute, 2500 lux light intensity, and light/dark photo periodic (24 hours/0). The highest specific growth rate of Chlorella sp., Scenedesmus sp. and Ankistrodemus sp. respectively were 1.0788 cells.d-1; 0.7601 cells.d-1; 0. 9113 cells.d-1. While the fastest generation time (g) for each isolates were 6.7 hours; 9.5 hours, and 7.93 hours, respectively. Constructed consortium cultivation showed specific growth rate of 1.35 cells day-1. At 1 Lm-1 supply rate of 2% CO2, the constructed consortium showed 27.4% CO2 removal efficiency.

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