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Asian Transactions on Science & Technology

Volume: 03, Issue: 04, September 2013
ISSN 2221-4283

Title: Cost effective multi-node pollution data monitoring
Author(s): Mohammed A. Hussein and Yahya M. Saeed
Paper ID: ATST-50313027
Pages: 1 - 5
Abstract: Cost effectiveness is major factor in implementing a lot of systems and pollution measurement and detection systems is not an exception. A multi node pollution measurement system that can measure pollution values at different sites based on easy to use and available components is the main aim of this work. In this work a visual studio based program has been designed to monitor carbon monoxide and oxygen gases values at different sites. The work is an add on the authors previous works on designing simple systems for gas pollution measurement systems and the low cost nature of the system make is a good choice for a budget limited implementation. It will be a valuable tool for developing countries were budget is a major obstacles in implementing a lot of systems. The current program version enables data acquisition from four sites and displays the gathered data in a graphical way.

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Author(s): Petrus Pattiasina
Paper ID: ATST-60307036
Pages: 6 - 14
Abstract: Demand will often not the same fleet capacity of the stocks (supply), as well as capacity Sikeli Bira Ferry owned by PT. ASDP Indonesia factor passenger load increased by 20-30% and 80-100%, transport vehicles each rountrip, so the company often make the replacement of the fleet and sea routes. In case these conditions caused the vessel capacity does not match demand. Purpose of this activity is to analyze the optimal capacity-operated ferry in the port of Bira-Sikeli years 2009-2013. Analysis method of research is the load current demand forecasting will be used multiple linear regression, the determination of capacity based on current demand for passenger and cargo transportation vehicles, and determining the size of the ship with the method of trial and error. Results showed that in 2010-2013 the number of fleet 2 units, 888,74 GT, 300 passenger load, cargo vehicles II-III 10 units, grade IV-V 7 units, class VI and VII 14 units. LBP vessel size : 49,0 m, B : 14 m, H : 3,60 m, T : 2.60 m and Cb : 0,61 feasibility study recommended the investment and operation of vessels on the route is appropriate ( Bira-Sikeli ) and to anticipate the services of cargo ships are still operated with a set number of frequencies within on week of shipment.

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