Asian Transactions on Science & Technology

Volume: 05, Issue: 06, December 2015
ISSN 2221-4283

Title: Study of Structural and Optical Properties of Quaternary CuxAg1-xAlS2 Thin Films
Author(s): Sabeeha M. Ahmad
Paper ID: ATST-15060591
Pages: 1 - 7
Abstract: Abstract CuxAg1-xAlS2 thin films with 0 ≤ x ≤ 1 were successfully deposited on glass slides using chemical spray pyrolysis technique at 633k. Polycrystalline structure of the films was confirmed using X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis also XRD was utilized to compute the grain size , strain and dislocation . Surface morphology was characterized by using atomic force microscopy (AFM) .From optical study, the film showed direct transition with nonlinear change of energy gap as concentration change from (x = 0-1) (2.8) eV for AgAlS2 - (3.4) eV for CuAlS2 respectively . The optical constant such as extinction coefficient (k), refractive index (n), real and imaginary dielectric (є1 ,є2) were discussed.

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