Loan and Credit is a reliable business partner

Loan and Credit Credit House has been awarded the Certificate of Business Credibility, issued by Dun & Bradstreet Poland, a leading business intelligence company specializing in the preparation of commercial reports. This is a significant award for the company, which confirms its credibility and stability as a business partner, as well as increases market attractiveness.

The honorable and prestigious Certificate of Business Credibility confirms the profitability and reliability of the Loan and Credit Credit House as a contractor. The awarding company Dun & Bradstreet Poland deals with providing comprehensive information on sales, marketing and risk management. It awards its certificates to selected companies that meet strict criteria, on the basis of which they are considered the most stable and solid.

Only within the first month of establishing the Certificate

It was granted to more than a hundred companies. Recently, the Loan and Credit Credit House, one of the main financial advisory companies in Poland, also belongs to the award-winning group. – The Certificate of Business Credibility, which verifies the company’s financial liquidity and confirms its credibility as a contractor, is particularly important to us as a consultancy company based on customer trust – says Paweł Adamiak.

Payment gridlocks and the associated loss of financial liquidity is a growing phenomenon caused by the use of the deferred payment system. However, companies awarded with the Certificate of Business Credibility are characterized by a high level of profitability and financial liquidity, as well as only a small level of debt. What’s more, the award granted to them is recognizable internationally, which strengthens brand awareness not only in the country, but also abroad.

The Business Credibility Certificate guarantees

That its holder is stable and solid as a business partner. As Robert Pepłoński, President of Dom Kredytowy Loan and Credit SA says – In our activities as a company, credibility, reliability and security of decisions have always been a priority.

The more we are proud of the award of the Loan and Credit Credit House as a reliable contractor. It proves that our goal has been achieved and the company is attractive for business.